AperiArt Golden Women

Opening Friday 8 April 2022
Start 20.00
8/20 April 2022

Art performance
Laura Niola “The weaver of EVERYTHING”
Friday 8 April 2022
Start 20.30

Music performance
Friday 8 April
Start 21.00

CAM has a high percentage of women among the artists in its permanent collection. Also for this feeling, the museum wanted to pay homage, with the Golden Women exhibition, to the world of women, a complex, rich world that does not escape the problems and dramas of the news but that turns its gaze towards overcoming the difference of genus. The international artists invited to express themselves on their identity are amazed by the variety of portraits they have performed, touching on countless themes sadly linked to women. Through strong language and impactful images, the artists reaffirm their role and contribute to the female battle because art can be
a weapon to awaken consciences.

Nora Iniesta | ARGENTINA
Mira Narobe | SLOVENIA
Raffaella Budson | ITALY
Mary Fox | BRAZIL
Yoshie Tonegawa | JAPAN
Silvia Njenga | KENYA
Susana Alaves da Silva | PORTUGAL
Monica Biancardi | ITALY
Carmen Carmona Movalatex | SPAIN
Liz Magic Laser | USA
Samia Benhmida | TUNISIA
Franca Lanni | ITALY
Astrid Stöfhas | GERMANY
Angela Barretta | ITALY
Caroline De Lannoy | BELGIUM
Pilar | SPAIN
Paula Sunday | ITALY
Renate Christin | GERMANY
Lone Seeberg | DENMARK
Ajili Houda | TUNISIA
Laura Niola | ITALY
Helga Gasser | AUSTRIA
Conny Liotti | ITALY
Penka Mincheva | BULGARIA
Manuela Belfiore | ITALY

The de-construction that leads to an inevitable return to the essential. From there it is a short step towards a new idea, new forms, sweetening of habits. Love becomes chronic, perverse, annoying but also due, desired, redeeming. And from this we start to photograph man and his social reiterations, his mutual interposition. And the sound of the Campania trio that signs with the moniker Bia Rama becomes a digital, dark, dystopian sound.

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