AperiArt The Vision of Middle East

Artists from the Middle East

Friday 25 March 2022
until 6 April 2022
Start 20.30

Peppe Frana & Francesco Manna
Start 21.30

curated by Gennaro Castaldo
presents the book by Bruno Di Pietro
Start 20.00

Munira Ahmed Muhammad QATAR
Waleed Tamimi JORDAN
Ghadeer Hafez SAUDI ARABIA
Marya Kazoun LEBANON
Anna Photascu CYPRUS
Sivan Shahar ISRAEL
Samar Ghattas PALESTINE
Aphrodite Desiree Navan IRAN
Angham & Azhar Sarhi YEMEN
Filiz Hatipoğlu TURKEY
Nader Khaleghpour IRAN
Alaa Edin Ahmad SYRIA
Mumin Candas TURKEY
Lida Sherafatmand IRAN
Aynur Kaplan TURKEY
Jasmine Adel EGYPT
Güzin Arısoy TURKEY
Melita Couta CYPRUS
Kholoud Ashraf EGYPT
Elif Atiyer TURKEY

The exhibition “The Vision of Middle East” is a focus dedicated to contemporary art of the Middle East.
Despite ever-difficult social and political circumstances, the Middle East has seen a notable artistic empowerment. In the last twenty years, a process of emancipation has begun that has produced a new young and provocative generation of artists who not only exhibit in the Arab world, but have also arrived on the international stage of the art world. The art scenes in the different countries of the Middle East are young and active, but of course, like the individual countries, they are also very different. In general, the art of this part of the world is very intellectual, provocative but at the same time reflective on many issues such as culture, society and politics.

Direzione artistica Antonio Manfredi
Direzione musicale @kamaak_music
Direzione tecnica @almaidriziart
Graphic designer @fmmvisualdesign
Fotografia @pasqualebarraphoto

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