CAMusic is a project that is born in synergy to the CAM space now active and affirmed for over ten years in the cultural and artistic Neapolitan and beyond, becoming a real reference point.
CAMusic develops between Naples and Milan and has as its objective the production and promotion of musical and cultural projects, with particular attention to research and experimentation in the round.
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The activity

Artists united for the CAM

Live Music Fest
Two extraordinary musical events at the CAM Museum in Casoria.
Tuesday 25 June and Tuesday 2 July 2019 from 19.30 at the CAM museum in Casoria performances of 16 Neapolitan musical projects for a collection of funds for the maintenance of some areas of the museum structure.

Tuesday 25 June 2019 at 19.30
Andrea Tartaglia
Francesco Lettieri
Greta Zuccoli
Greg Rega
Ventinove e Trenta
Micaela Tempesta 
Federa e Cuscini

Tuesday 2 July 2019 at 19.30
Fede ‘n’ Marlen 
Ciro Tuzzi (Epo) 
Gatos do Mar 
Roberto Ormanni

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Casoria City Festival 2018

I Foja