• CLICK THE IMAGE Adopt 1 m x 1 year
    CLICK THE IMAGE Adopt 1 m x 1 year

Since 2005 CAM MUSEUM plan contemporary art exibitions with international artists. More than 50 international exhibitions, workshops and symposiums with a international permanent collection of 1.200 art works from 50 different country.

CAM School 

The CAM teaching office has the main objective to provide the information necessary for a proper understanding of the concepts and techniques of contemporary art. The CAM Museum organizes educational visits through a series of meetings with students who describe the history of the collection and the characteristics of the artworks that make up the collection. 

Support ò Cam

Artists can participate in Support ò CAM Campaign by adopting 1 meter of CAM Museum space (max 5 mt) exhibiting for 1 full year with the possibility of changing art works every 3 months. Also private citizens and businesses companies can adopt one of the artworks from the  permanent collection of the museum.