Festival of media and time based art

Travelling exhibition of multimedia art
130 artists from 34 nations
CAM | Casoria Contemporary Art Museum
5 | 30 October 2008
opening Saturday 4 October 2008
curated by
Antonio Manfredi
arranged by
FaticArt association | Perugia

On Saturday October the 4th, at 7.00 pm, CAM_Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, on occasion of the IV edition of the “Day for the Contemporary” promoted by AMACI, will host the last leg of the III edition of the Contemporary Art  Festival “Sound Glances 2008”, arranged by FaticArt association.
The exhibition at CAM_Casoria, curated by Antonio Manfredi, involves 130 international artists, among them renown face sto Casoria Museum, like Agricola De Cologne, Carlo Fatigoni, the GruppoSinestetico, Thorsten Fleisch, Brigitte Neufeldt and new names, like Kojo Hitoshi, Domenico Olivero and Haidji. Participating visual and sound art artists come from all over the place, with important names from Great Britain, Switzerland, France, Holland, Italy, Japan, US.
The stops of the event followed between June to October all over Italy stating from Schio (Vicenza) Lanificio Conte, then moved to Palazzo Orsini in Bomarzo (Viterbo), to the State Disco of Rome (Central Institute for Sound and Audiovisual goods), to the San Marco in Tarquinia (Viterbo) Chiostro, to Villa d’Este (Tivoli–Rome), and concluding, from October the 4th to the 30th , at Casoria Museum.
CAM_ Casoria Contemporary Art Museum is particularly known to the artists and to net-art for having one of the best and richest collections of International digital and multimedia art and to first approach the issue of fruition and keeping of digital artworks.
In particular, Casoria Museum, is always ready to welcome international artistic experimentation. It will present two sections making the program of Sound Glances, “Six seconds around me”, video session, and “Sign the sound”, digital photography dedicated session.
The six seconds of the video session configure as time margin of the images and sounds perception of an inner feeling. Videos show what artists think about the world and about their own being thus springing from it ideal, real, soul and lived  landscapes.
The “Sign the sound” session inquires through photography, the relationship between image and sound, between looking and listening into the contemporary. Pictures are the visual trans position of a sound, a noise, of music or of silence.

A particular mention to the tribute session dedicated to Angel Alonso, Damir Fuentes Garcia and Dennis H. Miller respectively for digital animation movies, comics matrix drawings and coloured computer compositions.
Moreover, a selection of excerpts from movies by Cinema Astratto (3 to 8 minutes) since 1910 till today, in which contributions shine by big shot artists like: Ed Emshwiller, Emile Cohl, Gordon Matta Clark, Jordan Belson, Larry Cuba, Le Corbusier, Mary Ellen Bute, Nam June Paik/Fluxus, Oskar Fischinger, Peter Kubelka, Robert Breer, Stan Brakhage, Tony Conrad, Viking Eggeling.

From 8.00pm to 10.30pm, on the opening night the French – although Italian adopted – Axelectro, very young dj and music composer of electro-experimental tone.

Participating to the realization of the travelling exhibition:
Regione Lazio, Comune di Roma, Provincia di Roma, Istituto Centrale per i beni sonori e audiovisivi – Discoteca di Stato, Provincia e Comune di Benevento, Regione Campania, Provincia di Viterbo, Comune di Tarquinia, Comune di Bomarzo, Comune di Schio, G.A.S.P Gallery Boston, Carlo Gavazzi Space s.p.a.


Alberto Magrin Italy Alessandro Finocchiaro Italy Alessandro Parmigiani Italy Alessandro Pintus Italy Alison Williams South Africa Amy Denio Usa Amy Cliser Carter Usa Amy Finkelstein Usa Andrea Rosset Italy Andrea Ciccone Italy Angel Alonso Cuba Angelo Cruciali  Italy Anish Italy Anna Ursyn Usa Antonello Matarazzo Italy Antonia Valero Argentina Armando Dearmas Cuba Arturas Bumsteinas Lithuania Benoît Maubrey Germany Brigitte Neufeldt Germany Bushwac Paed Conca Steve Buchanan Usa/Switzerland Carlo Fatigoni  Italy Catholic Mosquito Italy/Usa Christi Denton Gene Kunze Usa Christine Kertz Austria Claudio Parentela Italy Claudio Parodi Italy Claudio Sichel Italy Damir Fuentes García Cuba Daniela Camborata Italy Daniela Krajcova Italy Daniele Brocchi Italy Dennis Miller Usa Dbpit Italy Debora Villar Vera Cuba Debra Petrovitch Australia Domenico Olivero Italy Ed Osborn Usa Eduardo Javier E Orlando Garcia Cuba Eduardo José Marín Potrillé Cuba Eduardo Rafael Santana Navarro Cuba Edward Monovich Usa Elio Martuscello Italy Elizabeth Ann Miklavcic Usa Enrico Glerean (E.G.O) Italy Esteban Rizzi Argentina Eugenia Werner Peru Eva Lewarne Usa Fathi Hassan Italy/Egypt Federico Servando Crook Argentina Florindo Rilli Italy Francesca Pazzaglia Italy Gabriele Grotto Italy Gabriele Mastini Italy Juodo & Gintas K Lithuania Giuliano Perin Italy Giuseppe Mileti Italy Gladys Afamado Uruguay Gretel Fehr Italy Gruppo Sinestetico (Albertin, Sassu, Scordo) Italy Gwenn Joyaux France Haidji Brazil Harold Olejarz Usa Harriet Jameson Pellizzari South Africa Heike Fiedler Switzerland Henry Gwiazda Usa Herve Constant Uk/England Ignazio Lago Italy  Ismary Gonzáles Cuba Jan Pieniazek Poland Jen-Kuang Chang China John Antoine Labadie & Margie Beth Labadie Usa Jon Demiglio Usa Jorge Delgado Cuba Jorge Vázquez Sánchez  Mexico Kojo Hitoshi Japan Laetitia Catherine Morais France Larry Caveney Usa Lemeh 42  Italy Leysa García Del Valle Cuba Liora Chayut Israel Luigi Turra Italy Manuel Pablo Pace Italy Marc Lee Switzerland Marco Zoi Italy Maria Rosa Franzin Italy Marilena Vita Italy   Massimo Mazzoli Italy Matteo Brozzi Italy Matthew Gamber Italy Mauro Sambo Italy Michela Rumich Italy Michele Ragni Italy Michele Spanghero Italy Miguel Conesa Osuna Portorico Mladen Stropnik Slovenia Nancy Aleo Usa Nanni Angeli Italy Nicola Giunta Italy Nicola Mette Italy Osvaldo Cibils Italy Patrizia Mattioli Italy Paul Tiililä Finland Peoplefromthemountains Italy Raffaele Ceccarelli Italy Retour Au Vent Steve Buchanan  Heike Fiedler Usa/Switzerland Roberto Fega Italy Rolan Cahen France Sandrine Silverman  Usa Santiago Ortiz Columbia Sebastiano Pennisi Italy St.Ride Italy Stefano Giust Italy Stefano Tedesco Italy Tervisex Estonia Thorsten Fleisch Germany Titti Pritti Italy Tricia Gray and Jon Demiglio Usa Tripti Singh India Ventsislav Zankov Bulgaria Vittore Baroni   Italy Walter Suazo Wilfried Agricola De Cologne Germany Ximena Labra + Jessica Braun  Spain Xolocotzin Eligio Elias Cuba Xxena Italy Yelena Cuba Zavoloka Ucraine Zoltan Fazekas Hungary

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