MAGMART 08 – Third Edition

International videoart festival
Third edition

March 15th – April 15th 2008

Antonio Manfredi
Enrico Tomaselli

March 15th 2008 6.30 pm

Winning Artists:

Nisrine Boukhari / Syria  “THEM–ME”; Junichiro Ishii / Giappone “PROMENADE”;

Fleisch Thorsten / Germany “ENERGIE!“;

Jean-Gabriel Périot / France “NIJUMAN NO BOREI” ; Shahar Marcus / Israel “HOMECOMING ARTIST”; Nervo e Tes / Italy “INTERNO7” ;

Silvia De Gennaro / Italy “REALITY” ;

Bill Bahmermann / USA “DREAMS OF THE GARDEN” ; Gerard Freixes Ribera / Spain “AISLADO”;  Vishal Shah / United Kingdom

SEEK ASSISTANCE” ; Fernando Garcia Tamajon (aka Malaventura) / Spain “BOXES” (CAJAS); Barbara Zenobi / Italy “A-FUSION”; Kentaro Yamada / Japan “PALAREL PARKING”;  Simona Minniti / Italy “METAMORPHOSYS” ; Bruno Estevan / Italy “BREATH” ; MALC (Massimiliano Acerra and Lorena Canulli) / Italy “RGB”; Roßbacher Gerald and Michael Weingärtner / Germany “SUPERIMPOSING L.A.” ; Nervo e Tes / Italy “DI CULLA IN CULLA..”; Elvira Sanchez Lopez / Spain “MILO’S DREAM” ; Orion Eden / Isreal “FRAME 2007”; Andrea Fossati, Alessandro Rizzo, Luca Roggero / Italy “MAIEUTICA”;

Tal Lotan / Israel “MAYA HAS A GUN”;

Henry Gwiazda / USA “A DOLL’S HOUSE IS....”;  Ulf Kristiansen / Norway “THE ART RECEPTION”;  Emily Alden Foster / USA  “SNOWFAKES” ; Giacomo Grasso / Italy  “DAL VUOTO”; Morena Casari / Italy  “SALA D’ATTESA” ; Michele Pesce / Italy “TRAVEL TRIP”;  Jessica Iapino / Italy “EDEN” ; Junichiro Ishii, Burcu Costur / Japan “COMPOUND EYES”.

Special mention:

Astrid Stoefas / Germany “WHERE ARE YOU”;

Filippos Tsitsopoulos / Greece “CRAZE” video_installation;


Out of competition:



 On Saturday, the 15th of March at 6.30pm, at CAM_Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, will take place the third edition of “Magmart_Video under Volcano”, International Festival of Video-Art. During the opening the selected videos will be projected at the Casoria museum – they have been chosen among more than 300 works participating to the competition, according to technical-artistic criteria and evaluated on the basis of the most recent evolutions in contemporary art trends. A jury of experts made up of Antonio Manfredi, CAM director, Enrico Tommaselli, Festival artistic director, Giuseppe De Marco,  Mediavox founder, Luca Magnoni, journalist,  Arseny Sergeyev, “Outvideo” Festival curator. During that night, through a real-time connection some of the winning artists – Vishal Shah (UK), Emily Foster (U.S.A.) and Eden Orion (Israel) – will interact with the audience, continuing the CAM international network activity. The opening will be on live broadcast on INSU.TV, on  VHF 19 – 98 frequency. Videos will become part of the permanent collection of the museum – already counting 300 works of digital art. The thirty ones selected, sharing the use of digital means as requested by the competition, do explore the expressive possibilities of video-art. The selection of this third edition of the Festival deals with themes and subjects someway new as well as a widening of already treated themes and experiences. When referring to the past, digital artists find confirmation and legitimating in virtue of continuity. The new aesthetics worked-out carry out an interpretative role of the means of its production. If until some time ago technology was considered pure scientific expression, it is now become a language thanks to art. Though metaphors or symbols it has lost its instrumental meaning becoming integral part of the artistic product. All the participating works are characterized by digital and only sometimes use the modifying possibilities of real with the technical means. The typical graphics of videogames or the single colour space only invaded by unreal shapes, is one of the possible way to see the artistic world expressing through the canons of virtual. On the other hand the reversal of the reference points meant to distinguish the tangibility surrounding us turns to dreamlike atmosphere thanks to the perfection of details, the use of accentuated colours or the blurred shapes. Everything looks too real, the excessive reproduction de-contextualizes the tale and turns it to abstract. Performance testimonies grow richer of their own temporal space, accelerated and built not just to document what happens but to build a metaphor of human time and action, as in the videos by Ishii Junichiro and Costur Burcu, in which the installation building goes along with time and space flowing. New fairy tales, full with images and dreamlike references do shape and become concrete, inviting to the search for links and meaning pertaining to the collective imagination. Videos – as the ones by Fernando Garcia Tamajon and Tal Lotan – far from only willing to teach, prefer to show and guide the viewer through those landscapes and moments otherwise invisible. In other cases artists use video-art to question people and themselves on their own social and cultural function, showing the will to relate to their surrounding as in the videos by Marcus Shahar and Ulf Kristiansen. Not last is the interest in mythology and history, with contemporary interpretation, in which digital technique is used as means to bring back to life meanings otherwise lost or misunderstood, as in the video of the Milan group Andrea Fossati, Alessandro Rizzo and Luca Roggero or in the video by Jessica Iapino. Videos by MALC or Nervo e Tes groups carry out a pure visual experimentation, meanwhile Morena Casariproposes a technique alternative to the urban space and common life by means of an architectural building favouring social relations and integrated with the natural space. The videos value looks purely conceptual and the total immersion into virtual images – sometimes with no textual linearity – creates loss and perturbation. It requires, therefore, an actualization of the audience approach – goal undertook by this festival and by its hosting museum.


Nisrine Boukhari / Syria “Them – me” 2007

Junichiro Ishii / Japan  “Promenade” 2007

Silvia De Gennaro / Italy “Reality” 2007

Nervo e Tes / Italy “Interno 7” 2007

Marcus Shahar / Israel “Homecoming artists” 2007

Jean-Gabriel Périot / France “Nijuman no borei” 2007

Thorsten Fleisch / Germany “Energy” 2007

Bill Bahmermann / USA “Dreams of the garden” 2007

Gerard Freixes Ribera / Spain “Aislado” 2007

Visual Shah / UK “Seek assistance” 2005

Fernando Garcia Tamajon / Spain – “Boxes” 2007

Morena Casari / Italy “Metamorphosis” 2007

Kentaro Yamada / Japan – “Paralel parking” 2006

Barbara Zenobi / Italy “A-fusion” 2007

Bruno Estevan / Italy “Breath” 2007

MALC (Massimiliano Acerra and Lorena Canulli) / Italy “RGB” 2007

Gerald Roßbacher / Germany “Superimposing L.A.” 2007

Nervo e Tes / Italy “Di culla in culla” 2007

Fernando Garcia Tamajon / Spain “Milo’s dream” 2007

Eden Orion / Israel – ”Frame 07” 2007

Andrea Fossati, Alessandro Rizzo, Luca Roggero / Italy “Maieutica” 2007

Tal Lotan / Israel “Maya has a gun” 2007

Henry Gwiazda / USA “A doll’s house is” 2007

Ulf Kristiansen / Norway “The art reception” 2007

Emily Alden Foster / USA “Snowfakes” 2007

Giacomo Grasso / Italy “Dal vuoto” 2007

Morena Casari / Italy “Sala d’attesa” 2007

Michele Pesce / Italy “Travel trip” 2007

Jessica Iapino / Italy “Eden” 2007

Junichiro Ishii, Burcu Costur / Japan “Compound eyes” 2007

Astrid Stoefas / Germany “Where are you” 2007 (Menzione speciale)

Filippos Tsitsopoulos / Greece “Craze” 2007 (Menzione speciale)

Cherie Sampson / USA If you were a rocky island” 2004/2007 (Menzione speciale)

Gloria Zoitl, Raditschnig Werner / Austria “Kunst uber Knst oder die Kreativitat der Langeweile“ 2007(Fuori concorso)


1) Video title: A DOLL’S HOUSE IS……

Author’s name: Gwiazda Henry

A doll’s house is…… is a work which explores the artistic connection between movement that occurs in an apartment building, other units in that building and the exterior world. It shows that each motion, whether it is made by human, animal, object, light or sound, is connected and extended by other motions to compose a phrase, a sentence of great artistic interest. For example, a man is exercising in his apartment. As he makes one gesture, another gesture is made in an apartment next to his-which is connected to a light which gets turned on in another part of the building-which is connected to a sound which occurs somewhere else. Each movement by itself is meaningless, boring, cliched. But seen as one component of a larger artistic phenomenon, it becomes important, meaningful. 


2) Video title: A-FUSION

Author’s name: Barbara Zenobi

“A-Fusion” was born with the aim to present and show different visions on one of life essential elements: Water. 

In this video, such a simple resource but yet so precious, gets in touch with other elements of our daily life, thus creating a game of fusions, relationships, transformations of extraordinary beauty and charm.

We often have the chance to cheer our eyes with suggestive and satisfying visions but we are mostly “looking without watching” and everything passes by as if nothing happened.


3) Video title: AISLADO

Author’s name: Freixes Ribera Gerard

Videowork on how loneliness may be found in a desert island or in the middle of a big urban crowd.


4) Video title: BOXES (CAJAS)

Author’s name: Tamajon Fernando Garcia (aka Malaventura)

My latest video is called Cajas (boxes) and try to see the soul and dreams of that inheres objects in the moment they are empty and useless, free imagining everything.


5) Video title: BREATH

Author’s name: Estevan Bruno

Necessary alternation of breathing is the manifestation of the irremediable dichotomy affirmation/negation in the artist’s soul.


6) Video title: COMPOUND EYES

Author’s name: Junichiro ISHII & Burcu COSTUR

Modern society seems growing up towards clarifying the notion that “people are not able to understand each other eternally” rather than urging the one that “people are able to understand each other. “This is an archive of site-specific installation “Chai on the Balance”.

Since I began to get interested in the “process” of creation itself, through various approaches, I have been trying to capture and visualize special “creative atmosphere” between humans which occasionally appears in a process of collaboration.

The main concept of this video is “collaboration” itself. Using the same video materials, this piece was edited by two artists Junichiro ISHII (JP) and Burcu COSTUR (TR), without any discussions.

These two artists have already shared the same “process” from different points of view while the collaboration of practical works.

Comparing two different angles, this video work will be a trial to grasp the reality of creative atmosphere and to urge you to consider un-recordable feelings.

7) Video title: DAL VUOTO

Author’s name: Grasso Giacomo

Images of liquids are moving on the screen, music comes along… texts emerge from emptiness…


8) Video title: DI CULLA IN CULLA…

Author’s name: NERVO e TES (Paola Setti e Gennaro Rino Becchimanzi)

From cradle to cradle… from life to life, we increase our awareness and our “function” in a society dumb of consequence. The interdependence of all the phenomena makes possible to achieve a universal “knowledge” making us free and aware of our own nature and our own power of action not to depend from environment but to act it by one’s self.

Therefore, the installation “di culla in culla…” focuses on the origin of knowledge origin that is existential awareness, requirement for a knowledge able to create human value.

50 metres of braids, symbol of our lives passing by one after the other, reporting the cycle of birth and death as the continuous flow of life. Eight – the number symbolizing infinite – are the braids nests bringing back to the center, the origin of everything and our experiences following one another are thought as a dance bringing to the awareness from cradle to cradle…


9) Video title: DREAMS OF THE GARDEN

Author’s name: Bahmermann Bill

“Dreams of the Garden” is a visual poem which examines the eternal mystery of Feminine beauty, seduction, original sin, the fall from grace, and finally remorse. 

It is perhaps easier to describe the film by first listing what it does not have. “Dreams of the Garden” has no dialogue, no script, no jump cuts, no wit, no irony, and no intellectual underpinnings.

What this modest short film does have is: poetry, elegant visuals, transcendental music and great beauty. This mesmerizing film slowly draws the viewer into an ancient floating dream which uses the oldest of all narratives to pay homage to eternal Feminine Beauty.


10) Video title: EDEN

Author’s name: Jessica Iapino

Eden gardens, Adam and Eve. Origins. Eden as entertaining park. Ancient, medieval and contemporary present. Blown-up dolls as game tools, lifeless beings, objects representing sexual lust. Chastity belts as ancient torture tools. Two opposites extreme on many points. Forced chastity as imposed sexuality. 


11) Video title: ENERGIE!

Author’s name: Thorsten Fleisch

From a mere technical point of view the tv/video screen comes alive by a controlled beam of electrons in the cathode ray tube. For Energie! an uncontrolled high voltage discharge of approx. 30.000 volts exposes photographic paper which is then arranged in time to create new visual systems of electron organization.


12) Video title: FRAME 2007

Author’s name: Orion Eden

The Video is about Beauty, Simplicity and Recursion.


13) Video title: HOMECOMING ARTIST

Author’s name: Shahar Marcus

In the video work home coming artist you can see me driving with my parents in my hometown Petah Tikva which is a small city near Tel Aviv. During the ride the people of the town are being asked do they know or heard about the artist. None of the people know and most of them don’t care about art at all. The drive implicates the gap between the art scene and the common citizen in small towns such as my hometown.


14) Video title: INTERNO7

Author’s name: NERVO e TES (Paola Setti e Gennaro Rino Becchimanzi)

“Interno” is an unconscious place where what we lived, thought and the result of ourselves perception related to others is worked out again. In “Interno7” this place of mind is reflected in the homeplace here represented as a “private stage” of acted more than intimate relationships. The private physical space becomes subject of reflection on our states of mind and on a society which is its collective sum.


15) Video title: MAIEUTICA

Author’s name: Andrea Fossati, Alessandro Rizzo, Luca Roggero

“Maieutica” is the contemporary cave where darkness abuses light, shadow is distorted vision cheating the perception.

In it the decaying width of productive emptiness, leaves space to a catharsis of a rational and creative becoming.

In synthesis it is the movement confronting with stillness and trying to fill in spaces.


16) Video title: MAYA HAS A GUN

Author’s name: Lotan Tal

Maya has a Gun is a visual trip into the mind of a girl named Maya, and fragments of Maya’s relationship with the author, as they are reflected by him.



Author’s name: Minniti Simona

Metamorphosis was born form the hypnotic observation of a wax lamp. The everlasting movement of bubbles, “life” appearing to take advantage on bodies naturally lifeless and the feeling of growth, constant and relentless mutation going along this object so loved during 70s. It is from these premises that the creation of a piece developed in 4 sections, each presenting a “peculiar movement”, associated to a title (Pulses; Wax dance; Wakes; Drops of Soul), hiding in itself a precise meaning.


18) Video title: EL SUEÑO DE MILO/  MILO’S DREAM

Author’s name: Sanchez Lopez Elvira

Her present interests are focused on animation cinema, video art, new art languages (for example: classical painting tradition applied to novel digital techniques), and web & multimedia


19) Video title: NIJUMAN NO BOREI

Author’s name: Périot Jean-Gabriel


20) Video title: PALAREL PARKING

Author’s name: Kentaro Yamada

In this video, I was interested in movements, mental and physical space, and their associations with rituals such as Japanese tea ceremony.


21) Video title: PROMENADE

Author’s name: Junichiro ISHII

This video is related to the site-specific installation project, “Rue de L’infinite”.

In the epoch of modernization, we are consuming a lot of primal energies which we need to leave to our future generations. We can easily imagine that nature is not an eternal donor to humans. However, no matter how much we are all aware of the necessity for restraint, humanity seems it must consume nature to make its idea of a utopia.

I have made a wooden sidewalk which has the form of the symbol for infinity. Although I called this work a sidewalk, actually it does not function as one, because the required entrance and exit of a sidewalk’s function are excluded due its infinity symbol form. It aims at inviting people to a meaningless promenade.

Drawing this ancient symbol in to a natural landscape, my intent was to create a non-functioning sidewalk. Infinity is a concept that attends many metaphors from ancient wisdom, often depicted by a snake which consumes its own tail eternally.

The video work “PROMENADE” is a metaphor for the accelerating human society, which, as depicted here, begins at 100%, or Normal, speed. It accelerates gradually to a speed 128,000% of Normal. In the 128,000% segment, the performance consists of walking just 100 metres, but takes three hours. The work is a challenge to an Un-functional or Meaningless Thing. Furthermore, it addresses the notion of non-function, or “without meaning” in this case; I pose a question to the increasing modern consumerism that results from the utopian yearnings sought after by humans.


22) Video title: REALITY

Author’s name: De Gennaro Silvia

We live our lives hoping to improve ourselves, while possibly we were born to live through our imperfections. Our Identity defines itself at the time we express our weaknesses: eternal life is faultless and anonymous, the one on earth short, deceptive, superficial, but just because of this, fabulous. We live and die to reach heaven, to be born we get away from it.  Life meant as   “Reality Show” of  souls, as an opportunity to escape from eternal monotony. Close-up fixed on a little girl, floating soul awaiting for her own birth.


23) Video title: RGB

Author’s name: MALC (Massimiliano Acerra / Lorena Canulli)

RGB mark indicates the chromatic system of the video decomposing images in three primal colours Red Green Blue, this split gives the cue to an analysis of reality which is split itself in three different views still related from the emotions these colours “instinctively” evoke; and then Reaction faces the movements of bodies, the spasm of flesh; Grace looks for the beauty of nature through a minimalist glance to things; Bounds leads to a state of discomfort due to the impact of the city.


24) Video title: SALA D’ATTESA

Author’s name: Casari Morena

The waiting room as possible place for meeting, exchange and communication with others.


25) Video title: SEEK ASSISTANCE

Author’s name: Shah Vishal

‘Seek Assistance’ is an aesthetically dark myth projected as noise and interference which intensifies with intrigue and mystery. The delicate investigation of micro materials is echoed by intricate lighting effects that appear to print the subject upon one’s eye. This micro interplay between sight and sound firstly illuminates the subject yet hints at macro forms that exist past the light, beyond any sound, and ultimately transcend the physical frame.

In this video Vishal exploits a halftone image; the process used in print to reproduce an image with continuous tone is sequenced to create a series of still moving images, which is printed / projected by light onto a subject.

‘The video ‘Seek Assistance’ takes us to the starting point of a tube journey when our valid ticket is rejected. The system refuses to allow our passage. This is a work composed out of sharp and exact editing, distinct configurations of abstract light, form and image within the suggestion of a narrative collision. Visually there are strong hints of early modernist cinema and photography, Man Ray, Rodchenko and Moholy Nagy appear as possible reference meeting visual forms that derives from a fast world of commercial video. We are left in a state of an in-between of passage, combined with interruption and detour. This is the place that a subject might either be composed or undone.’


26) Video title: SNOWFAKES

Author’s name: Foster Emily Alden

foray into stop-motion animation, made with a consumer-grade digital camera and a borrowed iBook, over the course of a winter spent in rural Missouri. The film, comprised of 2000 individually captured stills compiled over four months, serves as an exercise in ’emotional texture.’ Images and objects representing Foster’s fond memories of her winter home — rocks, sticks, snow, fabric, unspooled VHS tape, candles, old maps and photographs — are interpolated with carefully choreographed paper cutouts, progressive drawings, and Spirographs. A speechless soundtrack by tape-folker Flowers completes a work seeking to exist outside of idioms, instead appealing directly to the viewer’s sense of comfort and warmth.


27) Video title: SUPERIMPOSING L.A.

Author’s name: Roßbacher Gerald


28) Video title: THE ART RECEPTION

Author’s name: Kristiansen Ulf

A figurative painter holds an art reception. The critics and the audience are less than impressed by his art project (depicting male pornstars) and they tell him so. He does not take the critisism well. He looses his mind completely and starts hallucinating before passing out. In his dreams he gets his revenge. But dreams are short-lived.


29) Video title: THEM – ME

Author’s name: Boukhari Nisrine

In this video art I use black and white, because colors cover the reality and I present the photographer and the model as equal.

One person-it?s me- is existing with little tools, inside this music which composing of three sounds; it makes them six elements, to reach to the concept of the hexagon which consider as the most powerful type, and that lead us to the origin of creation in the west presented by (the father, the son, and the holy ghost), and the origin of the creation in the east presented by (the humanity, the soul, and the body) To get complete image about concept of creation


30) Video title: TRAVEL TRIP

Author’s name: Pesce Michele

A progressive scansion of initial images deciding the journey (TRIP) to undertake,

at first during the day, then in the night, characterized by the very fast rhythmic of  New York city.

The video has been realized with traditional techniques of editing with Final Cuts and After Effect.


31) Video Title: WHERE ARE YOU  Special mention

Author’s name: Astrid Stoefhas


32) Video Title: CRAZE Special mention

Author’s Name: Filippos Tsitsopoulos


33) Video Title: IF YOU WERE A ROCKY ISLAND Special mention

Author’s name: Cherie Sampson

Footage for this work was shot in 2004 during a return trip to Koli Mountain. It was recently edit for the “Aesthetics of stone and rock” conference/exhibition that took place in Koli in June/07. Excerpts from the Finnish epic poem, The Kalevala, pertaining to stone and rock (mundane and mystical) have been re-ordered and chanted in English in Finnish throughout the piece. 



Author’s name: Gloria Zoitl & Raditschnig Werner

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