Paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos, installations, performances

curated by Antonio Manfredi
December 16th  2007/ February 10thDecember 2008
opening December 16th 2007 6.30 pm

“BODY” exhibition aims to suggest an idea of the corporeal in-between the concept of aesthetic image and pure aesthetic representation. The human body becomes means and subject of emotional communication at the same time, it turns into a sheet on which ancient graphics, invasive insects or marvellous landscapes of memories of far societies can be inscribed. The body becomes statue, object of real modifications witnessing the will to live on one’s own body the sensations of mutation. Eyes bent by a mysterious inner strength or faces with signs of ageing but yet identical to themselves. Portraits living in spite of the artist like mirrors of unarmed spectators. De-contextualised body becomes the ready-made of the organic, material waste of digital era and container of beauty out of which blooming plants born of sockets of a mechanical entity are generated.It looks like the body becomes means of communication, matter to shape and new means to express individual freedom. Traditional representative themes and behaviour codes flee to give space to matter: from total assertion of itself to denial of the physical through the virtual. Reproduction of dramatic events experienced on one’s own body exorcises evil, the wound is becoming a sign of victory and a language to communicate with the other from the self. Sacred images showing a never born body, animals created by genetic reviews or simple body-objects to which survival is denied. The meaning of the concept of individual is turned over thus leaving open the possibility of thought and interpretation of the corporal generating crisis on the crystallization of ideas on this topic. Bodies wrapped in transparent sheets recall veiled maiden of old tradition but the actual female figures are suffocated; not protected but bended or covered by a shroud. A woman flirts with the mirror but is covered with hair thus bringing to the extreme the reflection on aesthetic value like in the work featuring a bust which contortion produces hypnotic lights and shadows. An exhibition rich in works which emotional impact is strong with performances, acts and a real-time net connection from Wales. A webcam will allow real bodies to virtually invade the physical space of the Casoria Contemporary Art Museum hinting at and denying the features of a body: proximity and physical touch.

Klitsa Antoniou
Cyprus Elif Ayiter Turkey Raffaella Busdon Italy  Melita Couta Cyprus Giuseppe Di Guida Italy  Alemka Ðivoje Croatia Huxiang Dong China Gradski_Željka Galić CroatiaSergio Gentili Italy Dario Goldaniga Italy Artur Holling Germany Rosaria Iazzetta Italy Marlen Karlen Svizzerland Liz Magic Laser USA Pierre-Yves Le Duc France Giuseppe Mastromatteo ItalyMonoscopestudio Hungary Andrea Montagnani  Italy  Nina Nikolova Bulgaria Odelot Group Spain Jimmy Owenns France Antonio Pannullo Italy Tina Ponticelli Italy Oksana Shatalova  Kazakhstan Vincenzo Starnone Italy Cesare Vignato Italy Tadeu Vilani Brazil Huang Yan China Liu Yang China Qing Yue China
John Brown, Juan Giordano Wales Real-time exhibition from Wales
Michele Ciardiello Italy  Action Art
Ivana D’Addona Italy    Music performance
Eliana Vamvakinos Greece/Italy Video performance
Wanda Zyborska Wales  Real-time performance from Wales

KLITSA ANTONIOU lives and works in Nicosia, Cyprus Island. She studied Fine Arts at Wimbledon School of Art, at Central St. Martins School of Art and Design London BA, at Pratt Institute New York MFA, and fulfilled New York University Doctorate Program.  She had several solo and group exhibitions both in Cyprus and abroad.  Some of the most important: 2005 Lulea Biennale in Sweden, 20th. LAC Salon de Printemps; 2005 Luxembourg; 2004 Terra Vita Xiamen, China; 2003 International Transchina Video Festival; 2003 Senores Salon International de Arte SIART  Bolivia; 2003 Biennale of Jeollabuk in South Korea; “OPEN 2002” Venice; 2002 “Noi” Morcone Museum Italy; 2001 8th International Cairo Biennial; 2000 “De-Core-Instanz: Deconstruction, Installation, Orensanz” New York; 1999 “Six workshops in Sarajevo” Rome; 1998 “Jeunes Artistes Cypriots” Palais de Nations, Geneva; 1998 Academy of Fine Arts, Sarajevo; 1997 Biennale of Young Artists Cable Factory Helsinki; 1997 Biennale of Young Artists of Europe and Mediterranean Turin; 1995 Biennale of Young Artists, Rijeka Croatia. She took part to several symposiums both in Europe and China and was awarded international prizes and scholarships including Fulbright Scholarship 1991-1993.

ELIF AYITER  is a graphic designer, artist and design instructor, living and working in Istanbul, Turkey. After graduating from the School of Applied Fine Arts in Istanbul with a BFA, she obtained a Special Advanced Diploma in Art and Design from the University of London Goldsmiths College. She went to the United States on a Fulbright Scholarship where she got her MFA from the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York.  Elif worked as a graphic designer both in New York and Istanbul, in both freelance and art directorial capacities. She has exhibited her art work in Turkey with Urart and Nev Galleries from 1989 to 1999. Since 1993 she has worked fulltime as a design faculty member at Bilkent University, Ankara (1993-1997), Bilgi University (1998-2001) and Sabanci University (2001-present). She is currently studying for a doctoral degree at the Planetary Collegium, University of Plymouth, UK. She has presented research output at conferences including Siggraph, Consciousness Reframed, Creativity and Cognition and Computational Aesthetics.

RAFFAELLA BUSDON was born in Trieste in 1957. She graduated from the Fine Arts Institute of Venice and specialized in creative growth techniques and graphical painting rehabilitation techniques. She held several courses and workshops on multimedia applications, on Munari method and on therapeutic function of art. She taught shape and nude courses at the Institute “United Nations of the Arts” in Trieste and currently teaches at the Free Institute of Fine Arts  “Scuola del Vedere”: course of shape and portrait. She showed her artwork in several solo and group exhibition in Italy, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Spain . She also took part to many international simposium. Simposium: 2001 International Symposium Koppenleiten Bechtensgaden-Germany; Prve umjetnicke Kolonie Ilidza-Sarajevo Bosnia; International  Wuorkschop NEXO Circulo de Arte de Toledo-Toledo Spagna; Simposio international de artistas plasticos – Sianoja Spagna; Rab Slovenia. 2000 International  Symposium, Supetar Braz Croatia; International Art Meetin Grobnik Rijeka Croatia: International Symposium, Omisali Croazia: Galerija Basato Brda  Slovenia: Medana art meeting Nastinovanije Medana-Slovenia; International Simposium Sinij Vrh-Slovenia; International  Meeting  Pirano –Slovenia; First International  Simposium of visual Arts, UNA Academy, Trieste.

MICHELE CIARDIELLO was born in Napoli where he lives and works. Among his solo exhibitions: in 2007 installation and performance on legality under the tutorship and sponsor of Regione Campania; in 2005 performance on the traffic of human organs, starts the in-global website and puts interviews on transplanted organs people at PAN (Palazzo delle arti a Napoli); in 2002 Video-installation with cartoons graphics at Galleria Franco Riccardo Artivisive, Napoli; in 2001 permanent installation and performance at Literary Park Horcynus Orca, Messina; in 1998 – project on globalization issues – “Traffic of human organs” performance, Biennale of Venice; project on the infancy issues “The victims of mafia”, permanent installation, Cirella (Cs) tutorship of Diamante Municipality. Among the group exhibitions: in 2006 installation at Casina Vanvitelliana, Napoli; in 2004 movie of graphics and cartoons presented and mentioned at Dino Villani prize; winner of the second prize at the Fourth International Award of Sculpture of Regione Piemonte; in 1998 Palazzo Ducale di Maierà curated by the Center for Contemporary Art Research and Documentation Luigi Di Sarro, Calabria.

MELITA COUTA was born in Cyprus in 1974. Graduated with Master of Fine Arts, Sculpture at The Slade School of  Fine Art UCL, London; Bachelor of Fine Arts, Sculpture at Central St, Martins College of Art and Design, London; Foundation Course in Art and Design, Central St.Martins College of Art and Design, London. She got a scholarship by the Leventis Foundation Scholarship for post-graduate education. She has participated in several, important solo exhibitions: Osmosis” DIATOPOS Centre of Arts, Nicosia, Cyprus; and the last group exhibitions are: – “Idiosistasies” DIATOPOS Centre of Arts, Nicosia, Cyprus; Kerava Taidemuseo,Helsinki-Finland;The 9th International Biennale of  Cairo, Egypt; “Beauty and the Beast” / 7 Young Artists, Center of Contemporary Art, Brussels, Belgium; Center of Contemporary Art Thessalonica-Greece; DRAG Alsace, Strasbourg-France; Medi@terra – A Moving Festival for the Digital Culture; De-Globalizing / Re-Globalizing, Part of the Cultural Olympics Athens 2004 Lavrio-Greece, Sofia, Belgrade, Maribor, Osnambrouk, Frankfurt; “Chaos and Communications” 10th Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; She has participated in important  Symposiums as: Tambacounda-Geneva-Dakar International workshop in Senegal. And also works in Theatre designs.

GIUSEPPE DI GUIDA  was born in Lusciano, Caserta, Italy where he lives and works. Some of his exhibitions: 2007 Nuvole Contemporary Art in Montesarchio, Benevento; the gardens of Art – Villaricca, Napoli; Corroding Space, Marcianise, Caserta. In 2006 The wall Contemporary Arts – Laparetearticontemporanee, at Hotel Excelsior, Napoli. In 2003 Meetings… – Incontri… – from the G. L. Buontempo collection, Villa Medici Accademia di Francia in Rome. In 2002  by ARTEXARTE at  Casina Pompeiana in Napoli; officinae Artis in S. M. Capua Vetere; 12th Small book editions fair, at Castello di Belgioioso in Pavia. In 2001 Artissima 8 – Torino; Nugae spazio d’arte – Saviano, in Milan. In 2000 Palazzo Reale in Napoli; “Galassia Gutenberg” in Napoli; Artissima 7 in Torino. In 1999 Installations at batteria anulare di monte Orlando, Gaeta.

IVANA D’ADDONA She won many public national and international prizes. She plays in all the world, as composer and pianist. She wrote music for advertising video and movie.

ALEMKA ÐIVOJE was born in Split, Croatia, January 16, 1966, where she completed studies at the School of Economics and Administration. After graduation she studied Law at the University of Split. After several years she found herself intrigued in Graphic Design, so studied Art at the Institute of Fine Arts in Split where she graduated. Although she specialized in sculpture – she explores and expresses her ideas through different means like painting, installation, video and photography. She exhibited in many solo and collective exhibitions at home and abroad.

HUXIANG DONG  was born in 1961 in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. He graduated at the Nanjing Academy of Arts. He has participated in selected exhibitions in Galleries and Museums as follows: Guangzhou Triennial “Reinterpretation”: a Decade of Experimental Chinese Art , Guangdong Art Museum,  Guangzhou, China; Contemporary  Chinese Art  Duisburg-Germany; Chinese Oil Paintings and Sculptures Huachen Auctions Beijing, China; Artseasons Gallery  Singapore; The Contemporary Asian Art Fair 2002 Singapore; The Architectural  Experiments, Tianjing; Different Words Artist’s Petrol Station, Beijing, China; “Crossroads” Chengdu Modern Art Gallery, Sichuan, China; “Red Hot” Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China; The Documentary Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan; De Wette Dame, Eindhoven, Holland; Dong Yu Museum of Fine Arts, Shenyang, China.

GRADSKI ŽELJKA GALIĆ was born in Zagreb, Croatia, 14 November 1975 where lives and work. In 2001 she graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia, at Art Education Dpt. She became member of HDLU (Croatian Association of Visual Artists). In 2002 she became a member of HZSU (Croatian Association of Freelance Artists). In 2003 she was employed at Miroslav Krleža Lexicographic Foundation as an illustrator, photographer, and designer. In 2005 Freelance Artist. In 2003 – Islands, Gallery Otok, Dubrovnik; SELFPORTRAIT, Gallery SC, Zagreb, Croatia. In 2003 Award by HT mobile; acquisitive prize for artistic photography, Entering finals for Radoslav Putar Award (Award for Contemporary art), Zagreb; Fotoclub Diploma for photography «Reflections 4», Passion Rhapsody, HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia; 25. Salon of Young Artists, HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia. In 1998 2d Award by 25th Salon of Young Artists. In 1997 Zagorje Fine Arts Salon, Krapina, Cro, Art in Function of Humanity , Karlovac,  Croatia.

SERGIO GENTILI was born in Ascoli Piceno September 2, 1955. Since 1990 he is researching on procedures of printing on pigmented gelatine (coal printing). In August 1996 the magazine ” ARTE MERCATO ” published some of his pictures on a monographic issue on environmental photography. Through exhibitions in Italy and Workshops the group means top put together all those photographers interested in ancient techniques of shooting and, therefore to keep the old methods no longer in use. In May 1993 the magazine ” FOTOGRAFARE ” publishes an article on his artistic activity. Since 1993 constantly takes part to artistic activities of the Institute of French Culture of Napoli ” Grenoble ”.

JUAN GIORDANO was born Argentina. He studied: 1990 Taller de Dibujo Artístico, Centro Cultural “El Encuentro” – Santiago de Chile; 1991 Taller de Pintura. Municipalidad de Santiago-Chile; Título de Bachiller, Colegio Terranova-Chile; 1992 Ingreso a la Facultad de Bellas Artes. 1° Año. Universidad de Chile, Beca de Excelencia Académica. Universidad de Chile; 1993-1994 Estudios de Dibujo y Escultura con el Escultor Fabian Galdamez, Capital Federal – Argentina.  2000 Exposición de Esculturas Galería El Socorro – Buenos Aires. Exposición permanente y ventas en Galerías de arte “Centoira” Capital Federal-Argentina, “Samotracia, Casa de Arte” Capital Federal-Argentina, “De Santi” Capital Federal-Argentina,  “El Socorro” Capital Federal -. Argentina. 1998 Exposición de Esculturas Galería San Francisco. – Santiago de Chile. 1997 Segundo Premio categoría Escultura Salón “Arte versus Arte” Galería Núcleo-Argentina. 1996 Seleccionado categoría Escultura Expositor Salón de la Sociedad Argentina de Artistas Plásticos(SAAP)-Argentina. 1995 Julio Seleccionado categoría Escultura Expositor. “Salón de Otoño” San Fernando-Argentina. 1995 Nov. Primer Premio categoría Escultura concurso “Salón Encuentrarte” Fundación Andreani Capital Federal-Argentina. 1994 Julio Seleccionado categoría Escultura Expositor. “Salón de Otoño” – San Fernando-Argentina, 1989 Primer Premio y Primera Mención Concurso de Pintura “Terranova” – Santiago de Chile.

DARIO GOLDANIGA was born in Milan in 1960 where he lives and works. From 1985 he teaches sculture at Art College “Sacro Cuore” in Milan. Among the main exhibitions to recall: 2007, “Quiete presenze” Galleria Gagliardi San Gimignano, Italy. 2006 “Aria d’Estate”  studio De’Bonis, Reggio Emilia, Italy; “Art Verona” Fiera di Verona in cooperation with Fabbrica Eos MI, Italy;  “Un due tre stella” Paparazzi, Crema, Italy; “Sculture leggere” Studio De’Bonis, Reggio Emilia, Italy; “Qua le figurae” spazio Adorè  Milan, Italy. 2005 “Con-tatto. Giovane scultura a Milano” MiArt Milan, Italy; “Art Verona” Fiera di Verona in cooperation with Fabbrica Eos MI, Italy; “Antiquaria” in cooperation with con fabbrica Eos MI, Milan, Italy; “ORO, INCENSO & ANTICO”  studio De’ Bonis, Reggio Emilia, Italy; “Arte fiera di Padova” in cooperation with studio De’Bonis, Italy. “IMMAGINA arte in fiera” studio De’Bonis, Reggio Emilia, Italy; “Di forma e di luce” Fabbrica Eos MI, MiArt, Italy. 2006 in cooperation with Fabbrica Eos MI, “IDEE: Spazio aperto alla creatività contemporanea” Milan, Italy,

ARTUR HOLLING was born 3 November 1974. Student at the Academy for Media arts Cologne.
Before starting his studies of media arts at the Academy of Media arts in Cologne (Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln) he worked several years as IT specialist and occasionally as a freelance photographer. The staging of human expressions and states is his main focus now for many years. he try to highlight ritual_habitual behaviour by techniques of framing and perspective, not only in photography but also in experimental video.

ROSARIA IAZZETTA was born in Mugnano of Napoli in 1977 and graduated at the Institute of Fine Arts of Napoli. She lives and works in-between Napoli and Tokyo. She took part to many group exhibitions and has a long Curriculum of solo exhibitions which took place both in Italy and in Japan. She took part and was awarded many competitions and prizes; among the others, the Ministry Scolarship for Artists, tutorship of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs for Japan and sponsored by the Japanese Government, Monbush; “Metropolitan City” Scolarship of 5000€, top ten post-diploma best projects.

MARLEN KARLEN was born in Switzerland 05 june 1954. She speaks 3 languages She started her career in a Swiss bank in Zurich. She has a family and grew up two boys. She is the founder of cultural studies as museum communication and cultural mediation. Personal work: social sculptures and interdisciplinary work 2000 -2006. Social sculptures in landscape 2002 – 2006. Portrait de femme Villa Dutoit, Geneve 2006. Exhibition Sud/Nord, biennale DakART, Senegal 2006. Wintersitzen, Installation auf dem Bahnhofplatz Frauenfeld, 2006. Erdquader, Installation im Lichthof der Credit Suisse, Paradeplatz 2005. Wie entsteht ein Wallfahrtsort, Installation im Hotel Rigi, Weggis 2005. Jurtenbuch, Installation aus Bienenwachs im Neuhof, Bachs 2005. Filterschichten, Gemeinschaftsausstellung Rundumkultur 2004. Flüchtige Heimat, Gemeinschaftsausstellung Zentrum Karl der Grosse, Zürich 2004. Marlen Karlen is participating in the media art project.

LIZ MAGIC LASER was born in New York is currently earning a Master of Fine Arts at Columbia University. Her photographs and videos imagine a non-verbal space in which unfamiliar interactions between people and things are evolving. Magnetic materials, food, liquid and ice are the substances she uses to facilitate these often physical exchanges. Laser graduated in 2003 with high honors in Studio Art from Wesleyan University where she received the Elizabeth Verveer Tishler Prize. She has also been an Adjunct Professor of Photography at Middlesex Community College in Connecticut. Laser is engaged in ongoing collaborative projects with artists Felicia Garcia-Rivera and Martabel Wasserman.  Her work has been shown in a number of recent exhibitions: “MASH” (Miami) curated by David Hunt, “I Love New York” at 33 Bond (NY), “The Matthew Barney Show” at Jack the Pelican Presents (Williamsburg), “On Tenterhooks” at Christopher Henry Gallery (NY), “PodART II” at Fine Art in Space (Long Island City), “Native Spirit” at Supreme Trading (Williamsburg), Codependent at The Living Room in Miami and The Divine Body, an exhibition and symposium hosted by the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and Columbia University’s LeRoy Neiman Gallery (NY). Last year an artist profile of Liz Laser aired on City TV (Toronto). Laser’s work has been published in Foundations of Art and Design, first edition by Lois Fichner-Rathus, Frankfurter Rundschau Magazin (Germany), Mastermind (NY), Design Times (South Africa), Daybeds (Thailand) and Le Dictateur (Italy).

PIERRE-YVES LE DUC of italian origin, was born in France in 1964. In 1988 moved to Napoli where his artistic career began. In 1989 realizes his first works, but his first meeting with his audience is in 1994. He chose San Domenico Maggiore square as site for his ”Cenacolo” – 13 canvas each one portraying a giant vagina (180 x 180 cm) circular located all around the phallic totem of the baroque obelisk. In December 1996 he goes deep in the Greek-roman aqueduct to install a work entitled ”I quaranta ladroni”, forty-one monolites located labyrinth-like symbolizing vaginas. In December 1998 with ”Medium” in the Lazzaretto of Napoli realizes another installation creating a perfect fusion of the work in the space.

GIUSEPPE MASTROMATTEO was born on August 6 1970. At thirteen prefers to look into the magazine “Uomo Vogue” to cut photographs and titles to compose them on another surface than paying soccer with friends. With glue and tape his first square centimetres of thought were born; the same ones that today are grown up along with him and became paintings to hang to the walls. After the diploma, Law faculty. But three years after love with it was not born yet. “Uomo Vogue” is still knocking at his temples and one day, the idea, advertising. The Communication Academy, IunderstandIwanttodothat, thatthatthat. So, first an agency, then another to look for the man who made me learn how to become art director, then one more agency, then Creative Direction came. Since more than a year he is in the agency of that man again; still to grow u, but also to make people grow up, today. Andy Warhol, and, in general pop art, more in general strong, compact colours, thick trait and elementary and unarming shapes. But, more in general, stomach. Giuseppe is intestines, instinct, nerve, liquid eyes and solid hands. He gets angry and makes people angry, he loves and make people love him, he looks and makes people look at him.

MONOSCOPESTUDIO They took part with their digital works in many international festival of multimedia art. They  won in 2007 “Magmart, video under volcano”, with a work which now is in permanent collection of CAM_Casoria

ANDREA MONTAGNANI in 2004 founds together with video maker Giacomo Piazzini the laboratory for visual research Sintesi 19, working in the field of audiovisual communication, realizes art video for theatre and dance performances, visual for clubs, animations and electronic works for live media events. He is artistic director from 2004 of Boxes of Memory (“Scatole della Memoria”), exhibition dedicated to Contemporary Art (Teatro dei Varii, Colle di Val d’Elsa, Siena, Italy).

NINA NIKOLOVA was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on July 1, 1971 where she lives and works. In 2007 Participant in the workshop & exebition “BODIGRAFIA” June 9th to June 14th, Drjnovo, Bulgaria; Participant in the exebition “Lumix Awards” June 7, Sofia, Bulgari, Slide show: Gypsies of Eternity – 1st Photo Fest in Nesebar, Bulgaria; 18th Photo-Forum Exhibition: Nude – Gallery “Paris”. In 2006 Participant in 4th National Photographic Salon, Varna, Bulgaria; Participant in the international photo exebition “Focus on the life of Roma in Europe” Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2005  Participant in the 10TH International Slide Show Days, Istanbul, Turkey – presenting “The Gypsies – Windows To Eternity”.

JIMMY OWENNS Self-taught artist born in 1981, he lives in Normandia. Her work is about splitting (of outlook, meaning and psyche), search for identity and intimate fiction through art installations, videos, photographs and interactive works. In 2001/2002, she has realised the “Photographic Diary”, an interactive diary which has been awarded during the Vidéoformes festival in 2005. These last years, her research has been improved by thoughts on cinematic narration and erotic subjects. Awards: Animal Symposium – Gold Coast, Australia, 2006. Vidéoformes – Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2005. 11th Biennial of Visual Arts – Pancevo, Serbia & Montenegro, 2004. Publications Taschen’s 1000 Favorite Websites – Taschen Websites – Feierabend Les Nouveaux Poètes Français et Francophones -Edition Huguet Mes Cendres Nues – IDLivre. Solo Exhibitions: Missetsu, Satellite Brindeau – Le Havre, France, 2006. Hands, Moulin d’Andé – Andé, France, 2005. Betrayed Skin, Moulin d’Andé – Andé, France, 2004. Not a Man, Espace Connectik – Lyon, France, 2002. Peau Nue, Espace Connectik – Lyon, France, 2001. Group Exhibitions: Videoformes – Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2007. Traverse Vidéo – Toulouse, France, 2007. MACRO – Rosario, Argentina, 2007. Premiers Plans – Angers, France, 2007. Magmart – Naples, Italy, 2007. Animal Symposium – Gold Coast, Australia, 2006. Art Basel – Miami, USA, 2006. Scope London – London, UK, 2006. 2nd Festival de Art Digital – Rosario, Argentina, 2006. Officyna Art Space – Szczecin, Poland, 2006. PI 5 Video Festival, National Museum – Szczecin, Poland, 2006. 8th CHROMA Festival de Arte Audiovisual – Guadalajarra, Mexico, 2006. Casoria Contemporary Art Museum – Naples, Italy, 2006. MAC – Santa Fe, Argentina, 2006. Split Film Festival – Split, Croatia, 2006. VideoChannel – Cologne, Germany, 2006. OutVideo – Moscow & Yekaterinburg, Russie, 2006. Simultan 02 – Timisora, Romania, 2006.

ANTONIO PANULLO was born in Nocera Superiore on October 24, 1964 and lives in S. Eustachio di Mercato S. Severino, Italy. In 1985 has joined a Design studio at Istituto Italia, Rome. Illustrator, drawer and advertising graphic has been working on several books and magazines. Exhibitions: 2005 Tempio Di Pomona, Salerno, Italy; Complesso S. Maria Al Rifugio, Cava De’ Tirreni (Sa), Italy; 2004 Sala Barna, Barcelona, Spain; Fiera, Francoforte, Germany;  E.U.A, Miami, USA. 2000 Salone Del Libro, Torino. Torino Comics, Torino, Italy; Complesso S. Sofia, Salerno, Italy. 1999 Speakers’ Corner, Pontecagnano Faioano (Sa), Italy. 1998 Napoli Comicon, Napoli, Italy. 1997 Ass. Teatro, Venezia, Italy; Mostra Del Libro Per L’infanzia, Bologna, Italy. 1996 Chiesa S. Giacomo, Cava De’ Tirreni (Sa), Italy. 1995 Lucca’95, Lucca, Italy; Villa Calvanese, Lanzara (Sa), Italy. 1993  Galleria Degli Achei, Roseto Capo Spulico (Cs), Italy. 1990  Exofficina, Mercato S. Severino (Sa), Italy.

CONCETTA TINA PONTICELLI graduated at the public school of Art and at the Institute of Fine Arts in Napoli, Italy. Currently she lives and works in Napoli. Among her group exhibitions: 2006 “Direzione Obbligatoria”, Ipogeo dell’Annunziata, Napoli, Italy; Galleria “Farhad”, Roma, Italy; 2003 “Arte Giovani”, Associazione culturale, Roma, Italy. 2001 “Exhibition”, Aspect School, Dublin, Irland. 1999 “Exhibition”, London, UK; “Mostra collettiva”, Tema Celeste, Milan, Italy. 1998 “Arte Contemporanea”, Patrocinio comune di Bari, Italy; “Espressioni” Associazione culturale Bari, Italy. 1996 “Marzo Donna”, Patrocinio Comune di Napoli, Italy; “Arte giovani”, Associazione culturale, Roma, Italy. 1995 “Arte, artigianato”,  N. A. T. O.  Pozzuoli, (Na), Italy. 1994 “..fra Arte e pittura”, Patrocinio comune di Casalnuovo, (Na), Italy; “G 7 mostra di Arte, artigianato e turismo Campano”, Mostra d’Oltremare, (Na), Italy. 1991 “Arte Contemporanea”, Accademia di Belle Arti, Napoli, Italy. 1990 “Per il cuore”, Accademia di Belle Arti, Napoli, Italy; “Mostra di incisione” Accademia di Belle Arti, Napoli, Italy. Solo exhibitions: 2005 “Senza Titolo”, patrocinio Provincia di Napoli, Casalnuovo (NA), Italy. 2001 Associazione culturale “Velvet Underground”, (Na), Italy; Galleria “Sagittario”, Airola, (Bn), Italy. 1999 “Personale”, Patrocinio comune di Bari, Bari, Italy. 1998 “Una finestra su Napoli”, Patrocinio comune di Casalnuovo, (Na), italy. 1996 “Personale”  Patrocinio comune di Casalnuovo, (Na), Italy. Galleria  “A come Arte”, (Na). 1995 “Profaino” Patrocinio comune Giovinazzo, (Ba), Italy. 1994 “Fuori e dentro”, Centro di documentazione ARN, RIOT, Napoli, Italy. Associazione culturale “Sub Zero”, Napoli, Italy. 1993 Associazione culturale “Caffè 1799”, Napoli, Italy. Associazione culturale “Intra Moenia”, Napoli, Italy.

OKSANA SHATALOVA Was born in1972. Lives in Rudny (Kazakhstan). Works in video, photo and installation. The redactor of Culture division of “Internet&Me” magazine (Almaty, Kazakhstan). Projects and exhibitions : Main exhibitions: February 2006: The Soros Center for Contemporary Art-Almaty exhibition (Almaty, Kazakhstan). January 2006: SWGC Art Gallery’s Contemporary Film & Video Festival (Corner Brook, NL, Canada). November 2005: VAD International Festival of Video and Digital Arts of Girona (Spain). October 2005: 2nd Bishkek international exhibition of contemporary art “In the Shadow of Heroes” (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan). September 2005: the event “Capturing Utopia” (Fournos, Center for Digital Culture, Athens, Greece). June 2005: took part in video program “Art from Central Asia: a contemporary archive” under the Central Asia Pavilion of the 51st Venice Biennale. October 2004: International Festival “Videoidentity: The Sacred Places of Central Asia” (Almaty, Kazakhstan). 1997-2001: issuing Literature and Art Magazine “Pygmalion” (Rudny).

VINCENZO STARNONE was born in Napoli, Italy in 1953. he graduated in Medicine but shoots since more than thirty years daily life, a kind of social “photographic hunting”. He exhibited in the past years all over southern Italy. He got reviews on famous italian newspapers and magazines “Il Roma”, “Il Corriere del Mezzogiorno”, “La Città”, “Il Giornale di Caserta”, “La Gazzetta di Caserta”, “Il Corriere di Caserta”, “Il Golfo”. Today he cooperates with “Italia Turistica” and the neapolitan chronicals of the “Mattino” and “La Repubblica”. Among his exhibitions: in 2006 Dialoghi – culture a confronto, Casina Pompeiana – Villa Comunale, Napoli, Italy. 2004 Fra(m)menti, Sala Ostrichina – Parco Vanvitelliano del Fusaro, Bacoli – NA, Italy; Digital art, Galleria Franco Riccardo Artivisive, Napoli, Italy. In 2002 Luci, colori e forme del terzo millennio, Kunst Center, Silkeborg Bad (Denmark); Città Internazionale Universitaria Palazzo Maison d’Italie, Parigi. In 1997 Immagina… in bianco e nero (personale), America Hall, Napoli, Italy; Venerdì Santo a Procida (personale),  Italy; Associazione Culturale “Intra Moenia”, Napoli, Italy; Giornata per progettare insieme l’industria culturale di Napoli, Chiostro S. Maria La Nova, Napoli, Italy.

ELIANA VAMVAKINOS she was born in Greece, in 1994. she graduated at the Institute of Fine Arts in Napoli, Italy. She works usually as a graphic designer. Collective show: XII Biennale del Mediterraneo with the work Vivo tra i morti, maked with Michele Quercia, in CAM, Contemporary Casoria Art Museum,Casoria, (Na), – Heroes I, AA.BB, , with the work WinlightProject, maked with Michele Quercia, on “Pinacoteca dell’Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli” – Heroes II , AA.BB. Napoli, Not Gallery, Napoli.

CESARE VIGNATO was born in Vicenza in 1959,  he works and lives in Tiene. He graduated at the Art school of Valdagno, province of Vicenza. Then graduated at the Institue of Fine Arts in Venice, under the tutorship of Carmelo Zotti and Ennio Finzi. He took part to several Painting and Restoration courses at U.I.A. (International University of Art) of Venice. He teaches painting techniques and percussion instruments. His painting has been defined a synthesis of symbolism, metaphysics and visual expressionism. The concept at the basis of his artistic research is a deep symbolism dominating the whole tangible universe. From 2007 he is present into the collection of Yung Museum of Revere, of Museum in Motion of Piacenza and of the CAM_Casoria Contemporary Art Museum (Napoli). Since 1999 he is looking for applying this research to digital art by creating images coming out of the doubling of figures and representing the meaning of the opposite, contrary or complementary. Since 1993 he collaborates with the group of Triplani under the tutorship of Tobia Ravà. Since 1982 he is exhibiting in collective and solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad (Strasburg, Geneve, Orlando and New York).

LUIS TADEU VILANI, Photography Repórter, was born in 1965 in Santo Ângelo, Brazil, from parents of Italian origin. He is working as reporter at Zero Hora newspaper and lives in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. His works are characterized through a particular attention to architecture of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul and a deep interest in the culture of the indigenous population of Guarans, living in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Among his exhibitions we recall the one showing descendants of Veneto’s hemigrates to Rio Grande do Sul, in 2003 at Palazzo Piloni in Belluno. This exhibitionswas born from the several contacts the photographer had in Brazil with some farmers descending from Italians who moved to these areas. Among his artworks: Ruínas de São Miguel das Missões (on architecture and sculture of Guaran population of Missões region), Galeria de arte do centro de cultura, Santo Ângelo, 1995; Porto Alegre em ângulos, 1996; Buenos Aires e seus recantos, 1997; Missões arte em foco II (on Jesuits reductions architecture of São Miguel Arcanjo, São Lourenço and São João Batista), Sala de exposições da Universidade de Santo Ângelo, Santo Ângelo, 1997; Raízes do Sul on Museu Municipal José Olavo Machado, Santo Ângelo, 1998; Guarani Ta-Angá – Ñande Retá Hesarai, Antiga Sacristia de Igreja das Ruínas de São Miguel Arcanjo, São Miguel das Missões, 1999 – Museu Municipal José Olavo Machado, Santo Ângelo, 1999 – Museu Antropológico Direto Pestana, Universidade de Ijuí, 1999, Ijuí – 12ª Superintendência Regional – Iphan, Porto Alegre, 1999; Fotografias de Guarani e Caingang (on the two indigenous populations of Rio Grande do Sul), Museu Histório Regional, Passo Fundo, 2002 – Museu Municipal, Caxias do Sul, 2002; Pictures on Italian descendants in Brazil, Palazzo Piloni, Belluno, 2003 – Ex Municipio, Taibon agordino (Belluno), 2003.

HUANG YAN lives and works in China. He has been working in important exhibition either in public and private spaces. Among the most important exhibition of the past years: (1999) Xieyang Island Performance Art Festival, Xieyang (China); Chinese Art Exhibition Chengdu (China); Montevideo Exhibition, Montevideo; “Money” art show, Changchun (China); (2000) Image and Net Art Exhibition, Changchun;   “Man and Animals” performance art show, Beijing; International Contemporary Art Interfiow Exhibition, Nanjing;  “Photographs of Four Artists” show, London; “Charming China” Eastink Gallery, Shanghai; “Ilot Pot” Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition Oslo, Norway;  “Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition Hamburg-Germany; (2003) “Red Hot” A Special Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art “Red Gete”, Beijing. Personal exhibition “A Story in Mountains-and-waters”, Red-door Gallery Beijing; Image Double Annual Exhibition, Sao Paulo-Brazil; Italy International Video Art Festival, Roma; Poland International Video Art Festival “War show”, Poland; China-Israeli Image Art Exhibition, Israeli Embassy in Beijing; Imaging China and Huang Yan’s Personal Exhibition, New York-USA.

LIU YANG was born in 1978 in Jilin, China. Works and lives in Chongqing. In 2001 graduated at Photography Department in Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. Taught at the school of Sichuan, Fine Arts Academy. Among his most renown exhibitions: in 1999 Cross-straits three ground, Photography of Creativity Exhibition; in 2004 Ten Jiao, Modern Art Exhibition, Chongqing; 136 artists from Korea and China voice & image exhibition; The Trace, photographer from Korea and China exhibition, Beijing.

QING YUE Italian Chinese artist was born in Macau (China), from Chinese mother and Italian father after a fascinating meeting between a woman of mandarin noble origin and an official of the Italian navy working in China. The life of this artist has been characterized by internationality: she lived many years in Hong Kong, then in Bombay (India) and, then in Trieste where she currently lives and operates as United Nation employee; her original family is scattered all over the place. She is member of the Art Academy “United Nations of the Arts” from 1999 actively participating to the artistic, educational and social objectives of the Academy. She exhibited many times and took part to artistic symposia in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Sweden, USA. Her artwork is characterized by evident mixture and fusion between East and West. Symposia in Italy, in Germany, in Croatia, in Slovenia; interviews and TV in Italy and China. In year 2003 she curated a partnership between visual arts and flying art with Italian “Frecce Tricolori” in Rivolto, Italy and the International exhibition in Toledo (Spain); Symposium UNA Academy in Corfou (Greece), International Workshop in Roma, Italy. From 1999 she shows her artwork in Italy and abroad.

WANDA ZYBORSKA She lives and works in Wales, UK. She graduated at “Fine Art, Western Australian Institute of Technology” and then at Chester College of Higher Education. She concluded with merit the University of Liverpool.

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