20 May/20August 2022
With the Patronage of Regione Campania and City of Casoria

20 international artists on display invited by the CAM Museum.
The Festival had “Survival” as its main theme, the survival of contemporary art in today’s society, with a program that included a major exhibition, performances, live music, meetings and workshops.

The biggest Festival of Contemporary Art on Contemporary art Survival.
This Festival common thread is about contemporary art survival in today society and the program consists in a big exhibition, performances, live music, meetings and workshops. An extraordinary visual and media event launched by CAM museum involving more than 300 international artists exhibiting inside a 2000 sm large area, to provide answers to such questions: What’s contemporary art today? What changed after the pandemic? Has the artist any role in contemporary society yet? Is he free yet? Is there any difference between artistic common thought and aesthetics as imposed by worldwide speculative art market? Has culture become a machine producing art as consumption commodity or is the idea of art as free, able to raise our spirit, existing yet? Can art, the way we know it, survive in the society of capitalist commodification? Is Ikea going to be the future for those artists out of big galleries commercialization? How about museums and art galleries, are they becoming Happy Hour lounges in order to get audience.

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