CAMouflage Salzburg

Photocopies for a cultural revolution
Curated by Antonio Manfredi
Salzburg, August 9, 2012 at 7pm

Following the CAM museum of Casoria action for the preservation of the works of its permanent collection and against the risks that both Italian and European culture are facing because of cuts to public as well as private funds, the exhibition CAMouflage Salzburg curated by Antonio Manfredi has been arrangedThis exhibition – planned for August 2012 in the most suggestive public space of Salzburg  “Galerien Der Stadt_Zwerglgartenpavillion/ Mirabellgarten” with the patronage of the city of Salzburg – is meant to focus on the international issues related to the future of public spaces for exhibitions activities and their fruition.
The provocative message is provided by the perishability of the works material, as a matter of fact the photographs of the International artists invited will be printed down on poster paper that, after the exhibition, will be removed and eliminated. This is an art disguising itself thus offering to the visitor a fake image of itself, due to the denial of the usual fruition of original works of art keeping their creative value.

Jesus Avila USA, Andrew Branscombe UK, John Brown WALES (UK), Renate Christin GERMANY , Alemka Đivoje CROATIA, Fabio Donato ITALY , Luciano Ferrara ITALY, Anna Francis UK , Helga Gasser AUSTRIA , Iabo ITALY , Johann Jascha AUSTRIA, Lello Lopez ITALY , Gian Piero Manca ITALY , Antonio Manfredi ITALY , Oreste Pipolo ITALY , Filippos Tsitsopoulus GREECE , Huang Yan CHINA , Qing Yue CHINA, Gloria Zoitl AUSTRIA , Emma Wood UK

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