The art of corruption

When art is a stab to the Power

56 Italian politicians for sale on eBay
Exceptional offer of the museum on eBay: 56 works of art at low cost.

Curated by Antonio Manfredi
in collaboration with students of the University Federico II of Naples and University of Aversa SUN
Opening Thursday, 13 December 2012 19:00

On December 13 at 19.00 in the halls of the museum that will offer the public the opportunity to observe closely the works for sale on eBay, and listen to the music of the group Rap & Tony Luke Blindo Phone. The unique offer is among the opportunities seized to the rate of large discount on the theme, or rather subjects, for sale. How to resist to the balances at the end of the political season? Among pc, accessories, mobile phones and do it yourself, on one of the most famous international portals for online sales, this time there are 50 portraits of many Italian parliamentary investigation and still in office, retouched and arranged in gilt frames. Outstanding proposal is completed by the images of the Ministers of Culture (Sandro Bondi, Rocco Buttiglione, Giancarlo Galan, Lorenzo Ornaghi, Francesco Rutelli, Giuliano Urbani) over the past decade, according to the prosecution of CAM, have contributed to the degradation of the political Italian language cultural, the demolition of the cultural fabric, it has halved the funds allocated, the abandonment of the heritage that Europe envies us, abandonment of archaeological sites, personal favoritism and patronage rather than competence. Given the conditions of the context of Italian politics of the Casoria Museum it is forced to the sale of the works in question, with a steep discount rate and provides the base price on-line auction of € 5 each. “When art is a stab in power” the faces of politicians can become the subject of art and social criticism. The online sale is the provocation-accusation towards the corruption of political power by the CAM museum that continues the CAM Art War revolution. More than 100 parliamentarians suspected, convicted or prescribed that sit in the Italian Parliament. The same people who voted a law against corruption, which will not get hurt, those who, with their direct and indirect behaviors, move a turnover of sucking the public coffers 60 billion euro each year.

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