Fashion Week 2021

Opening Friday 17 December 2021
Deadline 10 December 2021

A Fashion-design Festival created with the aim of comparing the world of fashion with that of art, giving young artist-stylists the opportunity to exhibit their creations in the halls of a Museum of Contemporary Art, historicizing their production.
Organizing an event related to fashion is not an easy task, the CAM Museum has already grappled with this theme in 2006 with the first “Museum Fashion Day” with great success with the public and critics which saw the participation of young stylists -artists from all over Europe.
Innovation, transgression and the voice of a historical moment can be the results of a stylistic production not linked to homologations or stereotyped models. But what is fashion if not an aesthetic product, the result of an observation or an expression of human creativity? These are the elements that unite fashion with art and that make it a sector to which to dedicate exhibitions, museums and events. Between October and November 2021 “Museum Fashion Week” will celebrate this happy marriage. All the works on display are elements of collections conceived, suffered, generated by passions. As sculptors, stylists give shape to their sensations, dig the fabric, chisel the body making it new and unique, transforming it from the eyes of others, perhaps hiding the inner being but leaving the possibility of showing at will what you want to communicate about yourself. . The clothes, which will remain as installations for a whole week at the museum, are configured as fragments of light, almost a bull’s-eye that focuses a part of the artist-stylist’s personality. Obviously sex, passion and mystery represent the themes that give life to more alternative perspectives and which are also the basis of the so-called accessory objects such as shoes, now fetish par excellence, or necklaces, everything becomes a contemporary artistic expression worthy of a museum.

    The event lasts one week


    Preparation of the works to be exhibited with the technical support of the Museum staff;
    Opening (During the opening night it is possible to present the works worn by models / models);
    Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
    Exhibition of the works on mannequins provided by the artists;
    Collection of the works at the end of the exhibition (from 10 to 13) by the artists.

To leave absolute freedom of expression to the artists, we wanted to create this event self-managed directly by the artist-stylists, requiring a minimum contribution of € 100 for the first item and € 50 for each additional item for a maximum of 3, to cover the costs of organization. of the event.
It is possible to participate as a single artist-stylist or in a group for the exhibition of the works (for a maximum of 3).
Each artist-stylist will have to bear the financial burdens for the transport of their works or deliver the models personally. The organization does not cover any customs taxes for the arrival of the works from abroad.
Joining the sales service of one’s works is included in the registration fee, does not involve any additional cost and no percentage for the organizers of the festival.
The organization will take care of putting you in touch with the collector, shop or industry who wants to purchase the models on display.
Artists can use any technique and express themselves freely.
Each artist-stylist will have a space of 1 square meter available for each model exhibited.
The artist-stylists can also present, together with the models, a single explanatory panel of 1 m2 (max) relating to the creation of the models (photo-shooting, materials, concept).
To register, you must send an email to indicating your name, surname, nationality, attaching a copy of the payment of the fee (€ 100 for the first item and € 50 for each additional item for a maximum of 3).
The information entered will be used for the preparation of the communication material and the profiles of the artists. Personal data will not be published but will be necessary for the curatorship of the Artistic Direction.

    After having read the regulation you will have to formalize the registration by paying the fee (100 € for the first item and 50 € for each additional item for a maximum of 3) and send an email, together with the copy of the payment to the email address:

It is possible to pay the registration fee in:

    Also Cash payment is accepted at the museum office (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM/1 PM
    Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 5 PM/8 PM)
    Address: Via Calore snc. Casoria, Naples, Italy
    c/o Banca Intesa San Paolo/Banca Prossima SPA 
    IBAN CODE: IT03 Q030 6909 6061 0000 0109 400 BIC CODE: BCITITMM 
  • WESTERN UNION Antonio Manfredi_Naples, Italy sending the MTCN code in
    Deadline 10 November 2021
    A regular receipt from the Association will be issued.
    • The deadline for submitting applications is November 10, 2021.
    • Address and time for delivery (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: 10: 00/13: 00 Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 17: 00/20: 00): CAM Museum Via Calore snc 80026 Casoria, Naples, Italy Tel. +39 3332972239
    • The participation fee appears as a liberal contribution to support the activities of the International Center of Contemporary Art Association and a regular receipt will be issued.
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