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100 dedicated spaces for paintings, photographers, sculptures and video artists

CAM Contemporary Art Museum after so many battles for survival (watch here : request for Political Asylum in Germany 2011CAM Art War 2012CAM Art War ActionCAMouflage Action etc.), for making the Museum active, launches a revolutionary new proposal; the artists have the opportunity to fund the museum by adopting 1 meter of museum space, exposing their art work minimum one full year .
This is one of the most interesting art movement ever carried out by a self-managed cultural institution directly by artists.

Artists (painters, photographers, sculptors, video artists) can adopt 1 meter of the museum (maximum 5 m) and exhibit their own art work for 1 full year
The work will be published on the museum’s website.
The project Support ò CAM have a sales character. The museum will proceed direct contact between the collectors and artists. The artist will be free of all fee commissions during the selling of the artworks. The space provided for this operation is about 300 square meters, 10% of the museum and there will be space for 100 artists.

€ 150
(one hundred and fifty euros per year) for a single art work
€ 100
(one hundred euros per year) for each subsequent art work 

CASH PAYMENT Also Cash payment is accepted at the museum office (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 10am/1pm_Saturday 5pm/8pm) Address: Via Calore snc, Casoria, Naples, Italy

  • BANK TRANSFER on the account n° 55000100000109400 to: INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART CENTER c/o Banca Intesa San Paolo/Banca Prossima SPA Filiale di Milano
    IBAN CODE: IT03 Q030 6909 6061 0000 0109 400 BIC CODE: BCITITMM  
    Send a copy of payment receipt to

    WESTERN UNION Antonio Manfredi_Naples, Italy sending the MTCN code in

Pay Pal

Send artworks in
Postal address: Dir. Antonio Manfredi CAM Museum Via 2 Trav. Aldo Moro 11 80026 Casoria, Naples, Italy Tel. +39 333 2972239 

The painting and photographs can not exceed the dimensions of 95 cm in width x 180cm in height, with an opportunity to replace the artwork every 3 months.
The sculptures and the installations can not exceed the dimensions of 95cm x height 95cm depth x 180cm height, with an opportunity to replace the artwork every 3 months.
Video artists will have to send a maximum of 5 videos in DVD that can be viewed looped in one of our video screens, with an opportunity to replace the artwork every 3 months.

Each artist is in charge of his works transportation expenses. The organization doesn’t cover any customs taxes for the arrival of the artworks.
. Artists will have to pick up the work personally at the end of “Support ò CAM” or send an express courier to retake the work at its own expense
The character of the Support ò CAM is salable. The organization will proceed direct contact with the collectors and the artist will be free of all the fee commissions during the selling of the artworks.
Artists applying after the deadline will be included in a waiting list and be contacted by the Artistic Direction according to exhibition space availability.
. The application fee is meant as free contribution for sustaining the activity of the CAM
. A formal receipt will be released by the CAM
. Artists can use whatever technique and are free to express.
INFO: Tel/Fax: +39 081 7576167


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