5 May/5 June 2023
With the Patronage of Regione Campania and City of Casoria

The biggest Festival of Contemporary Art on Contemporary art Survival.
This Festival common thread is about contemporary art survival in today society and the program consists in a big exhibition, performances, live music, meetings and workshops. An extraordinary visual and media event launched by CAM museum involving more than 300 international artists exhibiting inside a 2000 sm large area, to provide answers to such questions: What’s contemporary art today? What changed after the pandemic? Has the artist any role in contemporary society yet? Is he free yet? Is there any difference between artistic common thought and aesthetics as imposed by worldwide speculative art market? Has culture become a machine producing art as consumption commodity or is the idea of art as free, able to raise our spirit, existing yet? Can art, the way we know it, survive in the society of capitalist commodification? Is Ikea going to be the future for those artists out of big galleries commercialization? How about museums and art galleries, are they becoming Happy Hour lounges in order to get audience

– Delivery art works until April the 28, 2023
– Opening Friday, May the 5, 2023
– The Festival is taking place from 5 May 2023 until 5 June 2023
– Payment of the registration fee of € 100 for the first art work and € 50 for each additional art work (for a maximum of 5 works) as soon as possible to secure one of the limited spaces, but no later than 10 April 2023
– The fee for video artists is only 50 € for 3 works of video art

– Art works exhibited max n°1 (maximum 1 for 1 space booked) 
– Every painting and photograph can not exceed the dimensions of 90 cm in width x 200 cm in height. Space available 1 meters x 200 high 
– Every sculpture and the installation can not exceed the dimensions of 90 cm x height 90 cm depth x 200 cm height. Space available 1 square meters.
– Space available for videos: big screens and TV
–  It is possible to book up to a maximum of 5 spaces.
– The Festival have a sales character. The museum will proceed direct contact between the collectors and artists. The artist will be free of all fee commissions during the selling of the artworks. 


  • To register, you must send an email indicating your name, surname, nationality, title and year of the artwork, attaching a copy of the payment of the fee (€ 100 for the first art work and € 50 for each additional art work for a maximum of 5 art works) and a photo of the artwork to be exhibited in Jpeg format at the address artmanfredi@hotmail.com
  • Any information is used to release communication material and artists profiles. Personal data won’t be published but reserved for Artistic Direction curatorship purpose only.
  • Certificate of official participation” will be issued and foreign artists will therefore be asked to send a copy of the passport or copy of the identity card in the email to artmanfredi@hotmail.com

  • Each artist is in charge of his art works transportation expenses. The organization doesn’t cover any customs taxes for the arrival of the art works. Artists are required to inform themselves and pay any customs fees before sending the art works.
  • Artists applying after the deadline will be included in a waiting list and be contacted by the Artistic Direction according to exhibition space availability.
  • Artists can use whatever technique and subject.
  • Video artists projects will be played on two large screens inside the museum and have to last no more than 10 minutes (All video works must be on DVD (PAL).
  • For those artists proposing live music and other performances, including reading their own literary pieces, a stage in the theater hall inside the museum is available for half an hour, only one application and fee required.
  • For those projects and outfitting not recurring in the former guide lines, such as group exhibitions, associations of artists, space availability must be agree with the Artistic Direction.
  • If You are part of group acting to present a single project, only one application is required under the group name and only one registration fee.
  • If You are part of a cultural association or an association of artists, each single artist has to apply and remit the fee, indicating the association name and your own name.
    Also Cash payment is accepted at the museum office (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM/1 PM
    Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 5 PM/8 PM)
    Address: Via Calore snc. Casoria, Naples, Italy
    c/o Banca Intesa San Paolo/Banca Prossima SPA 
    IBAN CODE: IT03 Q030 6909 6061 0000 0109 400 BIC CODE: BCITITMM 
  • WESTERN UNION Antonio Manfredi_Naples, Italy sending the MTCN code in artmanfredi@hotmail.com
    Deadline 10 April 2023


The works must be delivered to the CAM Museum by April the 28, 20233
Postal address: Dir. Antonio Manfredi CAM Museum/presso Celestino Manfredi, Via 2 Trav. Aldo Moro 11, 80026 Casoria, Naples, Italy
Tel. +39 333 2972239 artmanfredi@hotmail.com

Email: artmanfredi@hotmail.com
Tel/WhatsApp: +39 3332972239


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